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  • Best Seller

    Ultra Point Button

    Smart Outlet LED


    Designed following Australian and New Zealand standards, and can be installed in both retrofit and developing buildings


  • Best Seller


    Interfree Smart Dimmer

    Create the perfect ambience for your premises with the Interfree Smart Dimmer.
    The Interfree Smart Dimmer allows users to brighten or darken lights via touch, button, voice or app.
    Set scenes, time-scheduled operations and IFFFT via the Interfree App to set the perfect mood in your home or premises. Available in a range of sleek colours, designs and finishes.

  • Best Seller

    Xtreme Switch Button

    Smart Switch LED

     Make your premises smart with the Xtreme Switch.
    Control lights, fans and more
    Automate your home through time-scheduled operations and IFTTT, scene control, touch, app and voice control.
    Wireless Protocol: Z free

    Clever Cube Required


  • Best Seller

    iBuzz Smart WiFi Video Doorbell

    Never miss a knock with the Interfree iBuzz Wi-Fi Doorbell and monitor which comes to your doorstep every single time the Doorbell rings or detects motion.

    Original price was: $135.00.Current price is: $70.99.

Trending Products

Interfree Smart Home

Control your entire system from a single app

With the Interfree app, you can turn on the lights, unlock the door, control the temperature, and see what’s happening on your front porch, even if you’re hundreds of miles away. Welcome to your Interfree security system.

Wireless video doorbell camera
Wireless video doorbell camera

We protect everything including your privacy

we’re as passionate about safeguarding your data as we are your home. It’s our commitment to protect your privacy, both in the real world and the digital one.

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Wireless video doorbell camera

Planet Positive

Our technology improves how people consume energy to create a more sustainable future.

Wireless video doorbell camera

Memorable Care

We’re here to help when you need it, with real support that exceeds expectations.

Wireless video doorbell camera

Seamless Experiences

We offer effortless solutions that just work, on their own and with other smart home systems.

Wireless video doorbell camera

Welcome Guest

We think of ourselves as a guest in your home, so we won’t sell or misuse your data.


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