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Prism Motion PIR Sensor


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Interfree Motion Sensor – The Prism Motion PIR Sensor 
Transform your building into safe and secure premises with the Interfree Motion Sensor. 
The Interfree Motion Sensor is a rechargeable, ultra-low power-consuming PIR motion sensor that detects human motion within its surrounding area and is able to perform various programmable tasks by communicating with Zfree gateway. 
Entry detection ensures you receive real-time notifications on the Interfree App on your phone 24/7. 



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The Prism is your home’s ultimate guardian, watching over you and your family 24/7. 

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Product Features

  • Australian standard Certified.
  • Easy QR code installation.
  • Completely Secure and Stable Connectivity.
  • Unique shape and design allow the Prism to be easily mounted on any wall or ceiling.
  • For lower power consumption, power up the sensor by a battery which can last approximately 6 months or mini-USB.
  • Real time battery status and notifications.
  • Compatible to be automated through IFTTT and create various scenes based on motion / time such as turn on lights, Air-conditioning and more
  • Voice Control capability and compatibility with Google Home, Siri and Amazon Alexa
  • Detects motion using a passive IR sensor.
  • Motion detection status can be used to create automation.


Power Source 3.6V DC Battery OR USB
Battery Type Polymer Lithium rechargeable battery
Battery Life 6 months
Storage Temperature -20°C to 60°C
Recommend Installation Height 2 -3 M
Working Power About 1.2µA
Standby Power About 50µA
Sensor Range 8m
Angel Range 120 degree


Communication Protocol ZigBee 915 MHz

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